If there is a gap between where you are now, and where you want to be, there is definitely room for coaching. Not only can I help you to close the gap, but also help you break through your limiting beliefs, and motivate you to think bigger and grow as a person!”

STOP wasting your precious time and hard-earned money on methods of change that don’t produce lasting results!success-copy-300x243

Unfortunately, most people don’t get lasting results with the techniques they try because they only help cope with or eliminate your symptoms, but they never eliminate the cause of those symptoms.

Who works with a coach? Who can work with a coach?

Entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders, actors, musicians, creative people, managers, small business owners, start-ups, professionals. But also husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, teenagers, anyone can benefit!

I may use questions, reflection, requests, task setting, and discussion to help you identify personal and/or business and/or relationship goals, and then develop action plans to achieve those goals. You take action, and I assist, encourage and guide you all the way, but the focus is always on your own empowerment and independence.

No need to travel – all sessions can be done via 

Types of Coaching and Counseling available (in many cases a combination of these may be used) :

Personal coaching

Personal coaching is based on your expressed interests, goals and objectives. Be confident and successful in whatever you want to do.

Cultural coaching

If you are having difficulties with your Japanese spouse, business associates, work mates or friends, I can help you to understand and overcome these issues. If you are new to Japan and having difficulties with the life here, I can also assist.

Trauma / Personal counseling

Compassionate and effective help for all traumatic and personal issues, PTSD. Non judgmental and always positively focused. I will help you to release and move on.

Systemic coaching

Systemic coaching is a form of counseling that employs constructive conversation, aimed at specific problem resolution.

Health coaching

In the world of health and wellness, a health coach is an emerging new role. Health coaching is becoming recognized as a new way to help individuals “manage” their illnesses and conditions, especially those of a chronic nature. I will use appropriate techniques, personal experience, education and qualifications, expertise and encouragement to assist you to make the changes you need to get your health where it should be. I have international qualifications in Nutrition and Exercise science.

Sports coaching

In Sports coaching, I can help you with specific mind sets or philosophies you need to reach your absolute full potential no matter what kind of sport you play. I have coached many sportsmen and women as well as children and professional athletes and teams.

I myself have competed successfully in professional Martial Arts, Motorsports, and Bicycle racing.

Conflict coaching

Conflict coaching may be used in marriage and other relationship matters, workplace, or neighborhood issues.

Victimization / Bullying coaching

Victimization coaching is a type of Life Coaching that educates people who consider themselves as victims of home, school, or workplace bullying, crime, or those who fear victimization, on how to deal with their problems in the most appropriate ways for them.

Marriage / Couple, and Family counseling

I have helped many couples regain what they have lost, as well as helped those wanting to build on a new relationship.

I also have a lot of experience helping mixed (Japanese +) couples. I myself have been living and working with Japanese people for over 30 years, have lived in Japan on and off since 1992 for a total of 18 years and have raised mixed children.  I also often help clients with the general raising of children and dealing with teenager issues.

Business coaching

Certified in business development and administration, and with ample experience in marketing I have helped many new and established business people and teams reach and exceed their goals.

Situational Awareness training

An extremely useful skill for everyone but especially women and children, and victims of bullying and stalking.

Being able to accurately and quickly assess your environment, situation, cues and clues from those around you will go a very long way towards avoiding trouble of just about any kind. An extremely important  mindset that should be common sense and taught by all parents to their children but sadly is not, and with the way society and technology have progressed in recent times, the average person is frighteningly unaware of their environment and is a major reason for the continued increase in crime rates, accidents, and stalking cases.


Long before it became popular, I have been educating and encouraging people to be in the state of mindfulness, and teaching mindfulness development and understanding exercises. Methods born from Zen, but neutral and applicable to anyone in any situation, one of the most powerful tools to realise your full potential as a human being, as a friend, as a partner, as a parent, or as a leader.

Spiritual Guidance

The type of counseling performed and the methods employed will typically be determined by you the client, but as I have counseled hundreds of people over many years, whatever your definition of spirituality I can absolutely help you on your journey. I have extensively studied all major religions (as well as many lesser known ones), philosophies and cultures,  while I myself am non religious and do not belong to any group or organisation or stick to any particular system.

No matter what your background, nationality or culture, spiritual fears or goals,  please feel free to contact me for a no obligation Free initial consultation today!

(All coaching and counselling can be conducted in English or Japanese)

“Hi Anthony,
Thank you so much for helping me handle all this, I really appreciate your extended help . You always come up with some really unique and amazing solutions , so grateful to have you as our life coach . 
Thanks and regards,

Positive thinking is nothing without positive action!


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